Football Network of Town Academies
1. Each Town Academy trains children from both the Town and its surrounding Villages
2. Develops local children who have the same natural talent as those at City Academies
3. Develops that extra awareness which is so vital to reaching the highest levels of football
4. Less pressure on children so more fun and progress
5. Less demanding on families, less travelling, more choice and parent inclusion
6. Children can still play for their local Team
7. Keeping talent local - so too training and matches
8. Midweek training once a week, includes fortnightly/monthly matches against other Town Academies
9. Town Academies are set at Town level instead of City levels like Peterborough, Manchester or Birmingham
10. Managed by a Committee, each Town Academy has a Child Development Officer
As most Junior Team Managers know, there are naturally talented children of all age groups right across the UK, and not just in Cities but in rural areas too. Gifted children who live in Towns and Villages have just as much potential to play football at the highest level as those who live in Cities, and more would reach the heights of professionalism if only there were more opportunities available to them.

Such talented children usually play alongside others of the same age, and often find matches less challenging when compared to those who play at City Academies, whose children have to compete against others of equal talent. Most Junior Teams usually have one or two of these gifted children, with some teams being blessed with perhaps three or four. They stand out in games, and could easily play for a City Academy if given the chance.

One of the most valuable things these talented children are missing out on when playing for their local Team is the opportunity to develop their 'football awareness' at the highest level. Having great skills is good but not quite enough, for they have to learn to 'read the game' much more quickly, a process that can only really happen when playing against the very best in the region. Developing that awareness is vital, for the speed of thinking at the semi-professional and professional levels are exceptional.

So, to give these talented children a helping hand, a Network of Town Academies would help to develop that awareness. Otherwise, many of them will miss out, especially if the rest of their team do not come close to their own abilities. Professional Clubs can only take in so many children, so Town Academies would ensure no naturally talented child should be left behind.
Is your child a talented football player?
Are there other talented children who play football in your Town or Village?
Would you like your child to have the opportunity to go to a Football Academy?
Most Football Academies are in Cities, and often too far from where people live, would you like a Football Academy set up in the nearest Town to you?
It is true to say that too many gifted children are missing out on playing football at the highest level. If you are a Parent or Coach of a Junior Team, then please read on to discover how a Network of Town Academies could benefit the Teams in your region, and help improve the standard of football right across the UK.
What does a Town Academy do?
Developing young talent for the future
Part 2 - City Academies
Part 4 - Summary

Part 3 - Benefits of a Town Academy
Part 2 - City Academies
Part 1 - Developing young talent for the future